A variety of chicken to your heart’s content!



Maru Shu Tori Shoten specializes in chicken and is the second store of Densuke, the place to go for innards. It is located just next to Densuke.


The layout of the restaurant is just like Densuke
You might even think you came to Densuke


They offer chicken sashimi(raw), konbushime(chicken sashimi served with kelp), assorted yakitori(grilled chicken), chicken nabe(hot pot), chicken sukiyaki(sweet salty soy sauce-based hot pot), stewed young chicken-eggs, inner breast meat marinated with salty plum, inner breast meat marinated with roe of polluck, deep fried chicken, seasoned chicken with rice and more
They say that they plan to offer a course menu just like at Densuke


Assorted yakitori Grill your own pieces of Yamato Nikudori and Aomori Shamorok (both specially bred chicken)

This is out of this world!


It takes 11 hours of slow cooking to prepare the soup used in Tori nabe (chicken hot pot)
It’s so rich that I always want to throw in noodles and make myself ramen
Mongeiumai! (Violently delicious! in Okayama dialect)


OMG! This chicken sukiyaki is unbelievable Love the soup!


I can’t ask for more! Keihan(Local cooking of Amami Oshima) to end the meal! I have to come to Amami Oshima again!


Wow! I never ate such delicious chicken to my heart’s content!
There aren’t that many places where you get to grill your own chicken, and what’s more, they serve high quality chicken
You get to try out all the different parts with different textures

On my next visit, I’m going there with a more empty stomach!


Maru shu Tori Shoten
18-8 Kashikiriyama, Suita-shi, Osaka
Daini Seiryo Mansion 1F
Tel: 06-6875-3575
Store hours: from 18:00 until out of meat (reservations recommended)
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays Reservations from 17:00
Closed on Mondays
Parking available

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鶏料理専門店「◯修鶏商店」はこだわりの地鶏の刺し身、炭火焼き(自分で焼く)、鶏鍋、鶏飯と鶏のオンパレードなお店奈良県の大和肉鶏を中心に その日の美味しい地鶏を厳選し提供してくれるプリップリの鶏肉に11時間煮込んだ鍋スープは格別!鶏モードの時はガッツリいけるお店です姉妹店 ホルモンのデンスケの真横にあり店内もほとんど同じ仕様なので酔って間違えないようにしよう 続きを読む





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